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TikTok Releases 'Instant Pages' Ad Display Option to Optimize Load Times and Response for Promotions

TikTok is launching a new 'Instant Page' shopping display option, which will allow businesses to connect their TikTok advertisements to a lightweight, native landing page, designed within TikTok itself, that will open up to 11 times faster than normal mobile pages, in order to increase business engagement and revenue prospects.

According to TikTok:

“Within an Instant Page, users can view videos and images, swipe through carousels, or click on buttons to explore another destination - all without leaving the TikTok app. Instant Pages are easy to build and customize for your brand.”

The approach is similar to Facebook's Instant Articles in that the material is embedded in the app rather than directing users to a third-party website. In the case of Instant Articles, this has its own set of issues because it limits the data collection capabilities of publishers, who are the primary target of the IA offering. Instant Pages on TikTok are a little different in that they're geared toward direct conversion for companies, but it's still something to think about. It could be a problem if people aren't clicking on to your site and you're not collecting referral traffic data.

Your eventual aims and process will determine how important this issue is.

To create a TikTok Instant Page, businesses must first create a qualified ad in TikTok Ads Manager, and then create an Instant Page as the campaign's destination link.

As seen here, the Instant Page Builder tool is integrated into the ad creation procedure, allowing you to choose a variety of templates, including:

  • Customize: Create an Instant Page as you see fit to give your target audience a better experience.

  • Products for sale: Include information about your products and special offers.

  • Brand story: Share your brand's story, products, and services with customers to increase brand influence.

  • Introduction and brand pitch: Introduce your brand and encourage new clients to explore and try your products or services.

  • Movie trailer: Enhance your brand's image on TikTok by providing your clients with a full movie trailer experience that includes the option of viewing it in landscape mode.

You can include videos, carousels, and product display elements, as well as coupons, product shots and other functionalities.

You can save an Instant Page to your TikTok ad collection and use it in various campaigns once you've made it.

It's an excellent method to add more direct, engaging components to your TikTok promos, which could help to improve user experience - though it's worth mentioning that by connecting users to an internal website, you lose the direct benefits and insights of referral traffic. You can also include a referral link to your website on your Instant Page, but this is something to think about if you decide to use it.

Instant Pages are now in beta and only available through a TikTok sales rep, but they'll most certainly be made available to more businesses shortly.

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