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TikTok Releases 'Creative Solutions' Guide to Developing Successful TikTok Campaigns

With TikTok's tremendous growth still progressing, more marketers are turning their attention to the app and assessing how they can use it to expand their brand's reach and discoverability.

However, TikTok necessitates a focused approach; you must fully comprehend what resonates with the TikTok community and follow organic trends. Reusing advertising campaigns from other channels will not work, and refined, edited, professional-quality ads are unlikely to gain momentum.

To use TikTok to it's fullest, one has to learn from the app's organic videos, according to TikTok's most recent creative guide for brands, which is basically a 101 on establishing a business TikTok presence.

According to TikTok:

"To win on TikTok, businesses should tailor creative to the platform’s unique characteristics. But TikTok creative doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, it can be much more simple and cost-effective than other channels. This “how-to” guide provides background, best practices, and tips and tricks to help you get the most out of TikTok’s creative solutions."

Notes on how to create genuine TikTok content are included in the guide, as well as detailed advice on creative approaches and frequency of posting.

As stated in the guide:

"On TikTok, everyone can be a creator simply by capitalizing on trends, getting involved in conversations, and expressing themselves in a genuine way. A diverse mix of music, voiceovers, and effects drives storytelling on our platform. Brands do best when they find their niche, actively listen to their audience, and engage with the latest trends."

With a rudimentary outline of each element, the guide encompasses all the key components of efficient TikTok clips.

Additionally, you'll find links to useful resources and tools, such as examples of "Safe Zones" on TikTok for your video clips (i.e. the areas not obscured by in-app UI elements).

There are also links to TikTok's different brand features, such as the Creator Marketplace and audio tools.

TikTok's key creative elements are outlined in this guide, which is well worth reading if you're contemplating whether TikTok fits into your strategic plan.

In addition, with the holiday season drawing near, now could be a good time to test out TikTok ads. Not all brands will benefit, but considering the platform's rapid improvement and its popularity among young users, it could be a valuable addition to your digital marketing strategy.

The full TikTok Creative Solutions guide is available here.

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