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TikTok Releases Best Practice Tips for Increasing Ad Conversions

TikTok has released a new list of tips based on thousands of instances in its system on how to get the most out of your TikTok commercials.

TikTok searched its ad network using automated analysis to discover important features of the highest-converting campaigns, which might be a great aid in increasing your approach's effectiveness on the site.

And this is what it discovered:

As seen here, filming in high resolution, using full-screen presentation, displaying a clear CTA, and leaving your message short (between 21 and 34 seconds) will all help enhance your TikTok ad success.

Much of these ideas have long been industry best practices, but it's fascinating to see these emphasized with TikTok-specific instances as well.

Furthermore, TikTok has given some industry-specific advice:


  • The use of closed captioning or on-screen text that distinctly conveys an offer or call-to-action increased conversions by 80 percent.

  • Utilizing a human voiceover to illustrate the product and a textual offer resulted in an 87 percent increase in conversions.

  • Videos with a diversity of scenes, rather than a single static picture, resulted in a 38 percent increase in conversions.


  • When compared to advertising with fewer scenes, gaming ads with five or more scenes increased conversion by 171%.

  • In comparison to videos that waited 7 seconds or more to show text, those that used onscreen text in the first 7 seconds experienced a 43% increase in conversion.

There are some useful, practical suggestions here that you may use to improve your TikTok marketing strategy. Moreover, your own creative approach, as well as how your brand and product resonate with the TikTok audience, will still play a role in your performance. However, by becoming familiar with the app and reviewing these suggestions, you may be able to improve your campaign strategies.

TikTok's complete conversion tips overview can be found here.

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