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TikTok Releases Agenda for Upcoming 'TikTok World' Showcase Event

Brands are increasingly trying to tap into TikTok for their marketing, which is expected to hit a whole new level this Christmas season as the platform continues to add more users and become a more influential platform for many, many more people.

And if you want to make sure that your business is abreast on all the newest strategies and tactics, and thus in the ideal position to maximize its TikTok efforts, you should certainly attend the next TikTok World digital conference.

As per Tiktok:

“[TikTok World] will introduce new creative, branding, and commerce solutions and more. For our current partners, we hope to share an entirely new stream of opportunities to tap into. And if you're new to marketing on TikTok, you’ll find out why it's the platform to connect, move, and entertain today’s consumers--and why you should stop making ads and start making TikToks.”

The entire agenda for the event has been revealed, and it includes a number of fascinating insights sessions aimed at helping businesses make the most of the platform for marketing.

It will also be helpful to hear how TikTok wants to improve its Marketing Partner Program, as well as future possibilities and technologies that are presently in development.

On this front, the platform is developing a variety of tools, along with new eCommerce tools and direct integration capabilities, to enable businesses to connect with appropriate platform influencers for promotions. TikTok is also experimenting with longer-form video, which might open up new possibilities, as well as enhanced live-streaming capabilities.

With parent company ByteDance recently acquiring VR headset maker Pico, TikTok might give some early information on plans for virtual reality.

In any case, there appear to be some intriguing marketing sessions here, so it's worth checking in.

You may register for TikTok World and learn more about the program here.

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