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  • Meerelle Cruz

Tiktok Releases A Guide For Ramadan Advertising Strategies

TikTok has released a new guide to assist advertisers in planning their Ramadan tie-in strategy, which contains a variety of use analytics, case studies, and advertising recommendations to think about.

The 12-page manual is geared mainly at Indonesian and Malaysian marketers, but the tips apply to anybody trying to attract Ramadan audiences. You can download the complete guide here, but we'll go through some of the highlights in this post.

To begin, TikTok gives some critical usage notes for the Southeast Asian region, which has seen a recent rise in popularity like the rest of the world.

TikTok already has over a billion subscribers worldwide and is on target to surpass 1.5 billion this year, making it the world's second-largest social media network. Because of the app's fast growth, every other platform is now attempting to mimic its significant features, and TikTok has undoubtedly tapped into the current vital media consumption trend. That is true in both western and eastern continents, and as you can see, the app offers enormous opportunities to attract users throughout Ramadan.

Furthermore, TikTok reports that user activity spikes during the holidays. TikTok has supplied a variety of planning notes, including essential components of focus and associated hashtags, to capitalize on this.

As previously said, the guide also provides case studies and creative techniques to help you think up new ideas. While it focuses on Southeast Asia and Ramadan in particular, many of the recommendations apply to how you prepare a strategy for any significant holiday, including lead-in planning, creative, and ad tools.

You can get TikTok's complete Ramadan marketing guidance here.

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