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  • Meerelle Cruz

TikTok Reaches a Billion Active Users, the Latest Milestone for the App

Although practically forbidden in the US, they are truly prohibited on their second-largest usage market, almost totally sold and confront rivals with several direct challenges. Despite all that, TikTok continued to expand and build on its foundations, reaching a new milestone of 1 billion active monthly users.

Every month, more than 1 billion individuals from all around the world visit TikTok to learn, laugh or learn something new. Tiktok has been honored to provide a home to our vastly varied family, small business, and creative communities, who have become our favorite stars.

Some viewed the site as second-generation Vine and swiftly became a pattern for the next stage of social media developments, with nearly any social App currently trying to imitate the main components of TikTok and match them with changing trends in the use of social media. Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest all aim to build TikTok-like solutions – which makes perfect sense, given the rapid growth of TikTok.

In January 2018, TikTok has now risen to one billion, from 54 million users, which is an increase of over 950 million people over about 45 months. As a result of its various rates of mobile communication, use, etc., Instagram rose by 100 million actively in February 2013 to 66 months in June 2018. Instagram is not directly similar. However, it gives a measure of the success of TikTok. And while the platform is still working to build a fair, profitable, stable company within (which is not easy) short-form video format, the foundations are clearly defined, with the application still leading the monthly download charts and also providing the leading social platform for many, many younger users.

That's the real winning point of TikTok. As Facebook replaced MySpace, so does TikTok, with younger users spending more and more time on the network and migrating from Facebook and Instagram. It doesn't necessarily imply that TikTok won't win, but you can see that tendency evolve - therefore Facebook has always been keen to push its TikTok-like capabilities so that it tries to find methods to hold its audience in check and avoid this steady fall into irrelevance.

Facebook is still an essential tool for many, and they are investing heavily in new and developing markets, so that they remain at the top. Facebook will go down MySpace's path in this respect and is less worried, but there are indicators that TikTok is winning the fight of attention among the youth, which boasts a lasting success.

As indicated, efficient monetization is the next step. Through a range of methods, TikTok develops several E-company solutions and technologies to improve business and creator funding. That's why the Chinese sister app 'Douyin' from TikTok was a great hit and now generates the platform's eCommerce revenue and direct sales integrations. That could help TikTok streamline its tools for money-making because, with around 600 million active users per day in China, Douyin is providing TikTok with a big start in testing and carrying out new initiatives. After all, the testing and response process in Douyin has been completed before being transformed.

The potential linkages to the Chinese government of the app and TikTok's need to disclose user data with the CCP at the time of the request, of course, remain concerning. This restriction is still in force as long as Bytedance owns TikTok - but, for now, at least, regulators appear to have taken a step backward to push for more transparency and change, while the app continues to grow worldwide. But once again, it could still be a problem. As the Chinese government continues to bend its muscle on several fronts, many countries remain concerned about the potential threat and how apps like TikTok can play into that. As such, the app is always kept cautious – but the advice is the same for marketers on any social platform. Do not rely too heavily on any app or technology and do not place your destiny in a third party's hands anywhere you can.

TikTok is improbable now that you can entirely take it away and with the holiday season approaching and more people flocking to the app, you can anticipate TikTok trends to dominate the conversation again and further enhance the app. Therefore, all marketers of social media should know the platform at least and evaluate the potential of their brands. A trillion users are huge - they are now equal to Instagram, and they are increasing far more quickly. An important aspect of your schedule.

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