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TikTok Offers Tips for SMBs Interested in TikTok Marketing

TikTok believes tit's the perfect time for brands to jump into TikTok campaigns to leverage on pent-up demand and connect with users who are ready to resume their normal lives.

Furthermore, according to TikTok, people are eager to show their support for small businesses in general as part of the recovery phase.

"With more than US consumers planning to support small businesses “as much as possible,” it’s the ideal time for brands to connect with consumers. And TikTok is the perfect place to do so, because our users are already in a shopping mindset. For many TikTok users, the primary reason they come to our platform is to discover new things - like your brand and your products."

TikTok has presented a variety of notes on how businesses can get started with their TikTok presence and aid brands in fitting with these trends, such as:

  • To boost exposure, write all the information of your Business Account.

  • Connecting with relevant platform influencers for promotional collaborations through TikTok's Creator Marketplace.

  • Using its Small Business Resource Center to get the most up-to-date ideas, case studies, and market trends.

  • Using TikTok's Shopify integration to produce TikTok campaigns from within the Shopify dashboard

TikTok further suggests that brands may use trending hashtags to find excellent instances of other businesses' approaches, as well as to significantly improve their own initiatives.

According to TikTok:

"As a business owner, you already know that if you wait to begin until you have it all figured out - you’ll be waiting a very long time. You just have to jump in and get started. The same is true with TikTok. Because our massive audience won’t wait - they’re looking for the new and the next right now, shopping and buying and specifically seeking out small businesses to support."

And that's partially correct, and partly due to its own commercial interests. However, the key point here is that if you're thinking about using TikTok as part of your digital marketing strategy, you should start using the app, look into the major trends and top artists, and have a sense of what users are reacting to in order to direct your own strategy.

Rudimentary campaigns won’t be effective on TikTok, and you can't just reuse regular ad content. The trick is to make TikTok content that feels natural and fits in with how people already use the app.

You'll almost certainly be on to a hit if you can produce videos that inspire and fulfill user needs and wants, as well adhering to the TikTok visual style. And, as TikTok points out, the only way to get that is to dive right in and begin learning.

And, with the app's popularity growing by the day, it's well worth discussing, particularly as we approach the holiday season.

These statistics and resources may be useful in this regard.

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