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TikTok launches tutorials mini-site to help brands make best use of its tools

TikTok has launched a new Tutorials platform to provide lessons on how to use the platform's various tools, in order to help brands maximize their TikTok presence.

The platform promises to help brands:

  • "Tell your brand story the TikTok way"

  • Understand "how consumers, brands and creators are harnessing the hype"

  • "Understand how to measure success through exclusive insights"

A link to the platform was posted by Sam Schmir on Twitter, and shared by Matt Navarra, and appears to originate from the UK, given the platform's web address (

The sessions on offer include overviews of various TikTok tools and functions, which you can access via email sign-up.

But sign-up is currently limited - when I tried to access the lessons, I received a notification that my agency "does not appear on the list", and that I should email TikTok directly. That may mean that the tutorials are region limited - we've reached out to TikTok for more information.

But when you can access the lessons, you can undertake a sort of TikTok certification, which eventually rewards you with this badge:

The program appears to be similar to Facebook's Blueprint courses and Twitter's 'Flight School', covering all the key elements on how to make best use of each platform. 

And that could definitely be of benefit for TikTok, as more brands look to tap into the rising platform in order to maximize their reach, especially with younger audiences.

So long as TikTok keeps running, of course. Negotiations over the app's future are ongoing, but it seems likely that, eventually, they'll find a way to keep the app running, which should make it a relevant consideration for marketers moving forward.

You can check out the Tutorials mini-page yourself, and apply for access, via this link.

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