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TikTok Is Developing a New, Opt-In Feature That Will Show Who Viewed Your Profile

It's unclear how useful this would be, but TikTok is supposedly working on reintroducing the option to see who has viewed your profile in the app over the previous 30 days, which would allow greater transparency into user interest.

TikTok appears to be testing an opt-in functionality, as seen in these screenshots discovered by app researcher Kev Adriano (and shared by Matt Navarra), that would allow you to see who's checking out your TikTok profile, along with users being able to see when you've viewed their profile once this feature is turned on. TikTok once had this as a way to boost app connections.

As seen here, TikTok used to show you a list of people who have looked at your profile to help you identify others to follow who shared your interests. TikTok withdrew the option early last year, amid numerous inquiries into its data-sharing practices, and with multiple high-profile examples of TikTok stalkers bringing real-world problems for platform stars, it stands to reason that it might not want to disclose this information anymore, as it would simply heighten anxiety for people who may have concerns.

But, I suppose, if stalkers wanted to look at your profile, they wouldn't turn it on, so perhaps making it opt-in minimizes that risk? Possibly.

I don't see a lot of value in this, and though I can see how this sort of awareness could help an app grow its network connections when it first launches, I'm not sure it provides any actual benefit for TikTok, other than offering insights into who's looking around and likely increasing concerns towards certain people who keep checking out your profile over and over again.

Perhaps there's worth in reaching out to possible collaborators who've checked out your material for aspiring influencers, or maybe it helps for hookups if that's what you want to do with TikTok, which is why the opt-in aspect is vital.

However, it appears to be somewhat meaningless, similar to the same feature on LinkedIn. I mean, it's cool to know that someone from a company you'd like to work for has a look at your profile, but if they didn't feel inclined to contact you, who cares?

There is a minimal value proposition here, in that contacting ones who did look up your profile could lead to a business partnership, similar to the TikTok point above on potential collaborators. However, it'd be interesting to know what percentage of successful interactions were created as a result of these insights.

I doubt it's that high – but perhaps there is some value in giving users an option and having them expressly opt-in. To me, this appears to be stalker tracking, which could potentially lead to anxiety and confrontation.

At this time, there is no official statement from TikTok on whether or not this option will ever be released.

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