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TikTok Introduces New Step-by-Step Guides for Making Branded Content on the Platform

With a new set of comprehensive, step-by-step guides on how to make some of the most prevalent, entertaining video types on the platform, TikTok hopes to assist more brands take the leap into TikTok content creation.

As more brands trying to tap into TikTok this holiday season to reach its growing user base, the notes may just prove useful.

To begin, TikTok recommends that businesses make an opening, first-person story clip that describes their company and what they do.

TikTok's shot-by-shot guides are highly extensive, as seen here, and provide a clear overview of how to make an introductory clip.

TikTok also recommends that businesses post a video showcasing their products:

It also includes an outline for a customer story video:

If you're short for ideas or don't have time to explore niche trends in the app yourself, the framing notes, down to the second, provide a very clear outline of how to construct a successful TikTok clip, and this could prove useful for your strategy.

TikTok also mentions that brands can promote their clips to reach an even wider audience, yet these are some effective clip styles to help create your brand's TikTok presence even if you don't have paid support.

And it's something you should probably think about. The app now has a billion users, surpassing Instagram and growing at a considerably quicker rate, thanks to its engaging, community-focused strategy, which has helped to raise interest and get more people watching TikTok videos.

Traditional, intrusive ad strategies will not work; you must align your creative with TikTok trends to optimize your brand's promotional value. This is why these notes are useful and should be considered in your planning.

The full TikTok content overview guide can be found here.

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