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TikTok Introduces New Collaborations with Vimeo and Canva to Simplify Content Creation

TikTok has recently announced new collaborations with Vimeo and Canva to give marketers more ways to develop better campaign creative within their respective apps.

With this, TikTok Ad Manager will be able to connect directly to each platform, making it easier to create TikTok creative and upload it directly into your campaign. There are a variety of creative options for producing clips that are in sync with the platform's key dimensions as well as its creative flow. This ensures that your clips are not too polished or ad-like, which is important when it comes to your marketing strategy.

TikTok advertisers will then be able to create their TikTok ads in Vimeo Create, the company's subscription video builder tool, which will give them more options for designing and building their TikTok clips.

Vimeo Create was launched in February of last year as a way to deliver streamlined video creation options for small businesses and those on a budget. The app includes graphic and text overlays, transitions, royalty-free music, and other features that make it simple to create more unique video content.

Here's a sample of a TikTok ad made with Vimeo Create:

The drag-and-drop interface is simple to use and can assist you in creating more appealing TikTok content.

Vimeo Create is also linked to Pinterest's ad creation process, allowing users to upload Pinterest creative directly from the app.

TikTok has partnered with Canva to offer over 50 TikTok ad templates, reducing the time and cost of creating campaigns.

"Canva's ad templates, coupled with the Publish End Points tool, will bring ease and simplicity for creators by empowering them to natively publish visually compelling content directly to TikTok to engage with their audiences in a natural and authentic way."

Those who are already accustomed to Canva will have no trouble using the new features, while newbies will find the controls to be relatively intuitive and simple to integrate into their workflow.

Vimeo and Canva will now be official TikTok Marketing Partners, expanding the company's list of support tools that can deliver platform expertise and ideas, providing you more means to get the most out of your on-platform creative endeavors.

As TikTok's popularity grows, more marketers are striving to make the most of the platform for their marketing campaigns. Evidently, TikTok remains to top the download charts, surpassing Facebook and Instagram, and is on track to hit a billion users by the end of the year.

If you haven't taken into consideration TikTok's potential for your promotions, you might be losing out on a huge opportunity, and these additional features could give you even more methods to use the platform to help your business expand.

More information on the new TikTok integrations for Vimeo and Canva can be found here.

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