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TikTok Introduces New 'Branded Mission' Creator Monetization Program

TikTok's back again with another addition to its array of methods of enabling creators to generate revenue through a new program called 'Sponsored Mission'.

This program allows creators to participate in what is basically branded content challenges, with the brand then choosing from the submitted clips for promotional campaigns.

According to TikTok:

“To make it easier for brands to tap into the creative power of TikTok communities and co-create authentic branded content that resonates with users, we’re launching Branded Mission. Branded Mission is an industry-first ad solution that enables advertisers to crowdsource authentic content from creators on TikTok, turn top-performing videos into ads, and improve brand affinity with media impressions.”

The process, as indicated in the video above, will allow brands to create challenges in which creators with over 1k followers will be eligible to participate.

“TikTok creators can decide what Branded Missions they’re inspired by and choose to participate in the Mission. Brands will select their favorite original creative videos and amplify them through promoted ad traffic.”

The selected creators are then paid in cash, albeit the sums won't vary depending on individual video performance at this point.

Rather, each Mission will list possible revenues dependent on the brand's willingness to pay.

More money will spark the curiosity of more users, increasing the chances of a viral hit.

Brands will have more creative alternatives now, and as organic-styled content performs well on the platform, it might offer up a lot of new opportunities for marketers wanting to use the app.

It will also provide TikTok with another important revenue-sharing component. If TikTok wants to maximize its prospects, it must ensure that its top creators are compensated - since with more lucrative monetization offers offered on other platforms, it stands to reason that major stars will follow the money and concentrate on those platforms instead.

However, monetizing short-form video is more difficult than monetizing lengthier content, which is why TikTok is introducing 10-minute segments and prioritizing live-streaming as a way to increase revenue.

Another move in this regard is Branded Mission, which aims to give a more direct relation between creating content in your own style and earning profit without requiring you to include item sales or set up your own affiliate partnerships.

Meta is experimenting with something similar on Instagram, where product tags were recently made available to all users.

Creators aren't paid for incorporating these tags yet, but you can see how Meta can follow suit in the future to give more money potential for creators.

For TikTok, the approach might make it easier to earn money from your uploads, going far beyond the Creator Fund, which has already been criticized by top creators.

Unlike with YouTube, where you may upload whatever you want and turn on adverts, you'll need to make specialized, themed clips. However, the contact with the sponsor brands is quite distant, which decreases management workload while also giving new content prompts.

It's a solid idea, and as more brands opt to use the app, particularly as it approaches 1.5 billion users, it'll surely be a popular choice for a variety of ad partners.

According to TikTok, Branded Mission is presently in beta testing and is open to brands in over a dozen markets. Within the year, the option will be expanded to new regions.

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