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TikTok Introduces New 'Attribution Manager' to Improve Ad Performance Tracking Capability

TikTok has recently released its new Attribution Manager tool, allowing marketers to create their own attribution windows for their TikTok campaigns.

The Attribution Manager feature of TikTok's Ads Manager platform, as seen here, allows ad managers to define unique attribution windows for each of their campaigns.

“For web and app campaigns, TikTok Attribution Manager enables marketers to select a specific time period to measure success: the click-through attribution (CTA) window can range from one day to 28 days, while view-through attribution (VTA) window options range from off to up to seven days.”

The data is then linked to actions done over a selected timeframe after ad exposure, giving you greater freedom to determine the metrics that fit best for each drive. This gives you the ability to more accurately measure the success of your TikTok promotions.

“For example, a major brand marketer may look at views and immediate clicks as key campaign indicators when building brand awareness, while an auto brand might expect a longer consideration cycle from a prospective customer.”

In accordance with the TikTok Pixel and/or Events API response, TikTok attribution will by default display data for 7-day click and 1-day view.

This can provide you with more detailed information on how people respond to your app advertisements, although there will be certain limits depending on in-app monitoring, with Apple's ATT update allowing users to opt out of in-app tracking tools which may affect insight.

Nevertheless, TikTok is also making improvements to its tools in this area.

While TikTok had eliminated the option for users to opt-out of targeted advertisements last year, the company did introduce the option to add first-party cookies to its site conversion pixel in April. This feature lets advertisers track site activity and attribute ads across browsers.

The harshest effects of ATT appear to have so far been avoided by TikTok, although there will be a level of decreased data insight, which could affect any performance tracking.

However, these new attribution capabilities will offer more methods for gauging the effectiveness of advertisements, which could help you enhance the way you use TikTok ads in terms of better understanding and improving your campaigns.

The new Attribution Manager may be found under the TikTok's Ads Manager's "Assets" section; more information is available here.

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