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TikTok introduces Donation Stickers, enables creators to fundraise for coronavirus relief efforts

TikTok is making it easier for creators and their fans to donate to favorite charities amid the coronavirus pandemic. The company today announced the launch of a new, interactive feature, Donation Stickers, that creators can use on their videos and live streams in order to raise funds for favorite charities directly in the TikTok app. At launch, these stickers will work to support charitable partners including CDC Foundation, James Beard Foundation, Meals on Wheels, MusiCares, National PTA, National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, No Kid Hungry and The Actors Fund.

The stickers work like any other, in terms of being added to a video or a TikTok LIVE stream. However, when a user taps on the sticker, they’ll be guided to a pop-up window where they can make a donation to the charity the creator is fundraising for — without ever having to leave the TikTok app.

The donations themselves are being powered by charitable fundraising platform, Tiltify, which handles the payment processing for the donation transactions. Tiltify has experience with donation features embedded in live streams, having previously worked with the Twitch platform on various initiatives.

TikTok says the charitable organizations it partnered with for the launch of the feature includes those whose current missions to support vulnerable groups that are also reflective of TikTok communities.

The app today is among those being adopted by doctors, nurses and other health care workers. These medical professionals see TikTok a means of of connecting younger users with credible health information about the coronavirus outbreak and COVID-19 at a time when conspiracy theories and bogus “cures” are being marketed across social media, and even the president is making dangerous off-the-cuff remarks not backed by science.

In addition, many of the other causes supported by the Donation Stickers align with communities hit hard by coronavirus shutdowns — like actors, musicians, educators and restaurant workers, for example.

The company says it will also match donations raised through the Donation Stickers until May 27th. The hashtag #doubleyourimpact will be automatically added to videos and live streams that use the stickers, as a result.

“During this time of uncertainty, our community has come together and given back in countless ways, from applauding health care workers to sharing inspirational messages on how to stay safe and happy at home to making original coronavirus songs to spread positive messages,” wrote TikTok U.S. Head of Product, Sean Kim, in an announcement about the stickers’ launch. “We’ve been impressed and heartened by the selfless steps our community has taken to help each other, and now we’re excited to be able to give our users another way to make a positive impact.”

The addition of the stickers is one of several ways TikTok has been involved in coronavirus relief efforts. The company earlier this month pledged $250 million to support front-line workers, educators and local communities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. It also provided an additional $125 million in advertising credits to public health organizations and businesses looking to rebuild.

The donation-matching through the new stickers will come from this $250 million fund. As part of the previously announced Community Relief Fund, TikTok is donating $4 million to No Kid Hungry and Meals on Wheels.

On May 5th through May 9th, TikTok is also hosting a week of TikTok LIVE streams focused on fundraising as a part of the “Happy At Home: #OneCommunity” nightly event.

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