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  • Meerelle Cruz

TikTok Introduces a New GIF 'Library' Option to Make Creative Elements More Accessible

TikTok has added a new GIF 'Library' tool that allows users to choose from a variety of popular animated content to incorporate into their TikTok videos.

The new Library option, which was developed in collaboration with GIPHY, allows users to include GIF snippets in their movies to record reactions, comments, build scenes, and so on. With its Duet function, which allows users to offer their take on current clips, it's a terrific addition for TikTok, especially given the popularity of reaction content in the app.

This essentially allows for more participatory meme trends, where instead of just watching trends emerge, you can give your perspective, making it easier to contribute to the app and participate in movements.

As mentioned by TikTok, the library plays a role in this.

“Library unlocks a new category of entertainment content, making it easy for people to start or participate in their trends, using clips from their favorite shows, GIFs, memes, and more by seamlessly integrating them into their TikTok videos. To start, the Library will be populated with exciting and entertaining content from GIPHY, including their collection of GIPHY Clips.”

Given that Meta purchased the GIF platform in 2020, it's fascinating to see GIPHY participate here. Although Meta's acquisition of GIPHY has been challenged in the UK, delaying the platform's complete integration, it still technically owns GIPHY, so it's a little surprise to see GIPHY form a new collaboration with one of its main competitors.

However, given Meta's various antitrust lawsuits, it may be pleased to enable such a merger, both to help GIPHY expand its reach and to demonstrate that Meta is not anti-competitive. "See, we teamed with TikTok, a platform we're meant to be destroying — are they the behaviors of a firm hell-bent on killing all rivals?" ”

In any case, the feature is now accessible, with a variety of reactions, phrases, and 'iconic moments' available in GIF format to use in your TikTok videos. It's a good addition that will undoubtedly be well-received. While there may be some concerns about brands, for example, utilizing a celebrity clip in their promos (as it may be construed as an endorsement), it will also open up new chances for marketers to generate and align with content trends.

To use the new Library tool, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the new Library icon on the vertical sidebar from the TikTok camera screen.

  2. You can scroll through popular content or use the search bar to find something specific in the Library tab.

  3. You can clip your footage to the desired length and return to the shooting page to continue gathering content once you've chosen it.

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