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TikTok Introduces a New 'Background Player' Option for Live Streams

With audio content consumption on the rise, TikTok also took to the trend and recently released a new 'Background Player' option within TikTok Live, which allows you to keep the audio stream playing even after you leave the app.

As seen here in these samples from user Jonah Manzano (and shared by social media expert Matt Navarra), the new option allows you to either have the video playing in a floating window or only have the audio playing even after exiting the app, allowing you to listen to the content without needing to view the whole thing.

This might enable more TikTok stream use alternatives, allowing individuals to listen in whether they're on the go and can't watch the whole content.

When Clubhouse reignited users to the possibilities of the medium last year, it prompted a surge of copycat functionalities on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms. That tendency, along with the continuous increase of podcast listening, sparked a flurry of new consumption patterns, and with live-streams frequently delivering unique insight from your favorite celebrities, it only stands to reason for TikTok to offer an audio-only alternative to boost up its potential.

It might turn out to be a new consideration for TikTok celebrities wanting to grow their following and community participation. They'll be able to broadcast exclusively in audio, or at least with audio as the primary focus, which might help people better identify with their TikTok presence and develop their following.

It is, nevertheless, fairly constrained. You can't listen to TikTok clips in audio form, and it's only useful for live-streams – but if that's a big part of your plan, it might be a useful addition to help with additional connection and engagement.

TikTok's new audio-only playback mode is now available to all users.

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