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  • Meerelle Cruz

TikTok Has Released New Guide to Collaborating With Creators

Working with established creators can help you elevate your efforts. TikTok has released a 25-page guide to working with TikTok creators that includes the various tools and options available for campaign creation, and case study examples of how other brands have seen success with their creator partnership efforts.

First and foremost, the article explains why you should collaborate with TikTok creators, giving statistics on ad performance and response when aligned with established users. There are also more detailed explanations of how creators can help increase campaign performance in a variety of ways.

Even when working with established artists, the guide contains creative advice and insights to help you enhance your content strategy and understanding of what works. TikTok's existing creator connection tools, such as Creator Marketplace, and TikTok's center for promoting creative talent, are also mentioned.

TikTok provides several case study samples and annotations, including detailed descriptions of how each business has leveraged creators to boost campaign results. There are some useful tips in this guide, and if you're interested in getting into TikTok marketing, it's worth downloading it and reading through the insights, which may help you enhance your creative approach.

And, with TikTok on course to achieve 1.5 billion users in 2022, perhaps surpassing Instagram as the second-largest social media app (excluding YouTube), there could be plenty of opportunities for your brand to interact and be promoted.

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