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TikTok eyes ad boost through tailored content

Social media app TikTok was tipped to be considering launching a curated content stream in a bid to address concerns from potential advertisers over the display of inappropriate material, Financial Times (FT) reported.

The feed could include content made by professional publishers and TikTok creators, similar to the Discover platform introduced by rival Snap in 2015, which provides tailored content.

FT stated the move by TikTok would attract higher advertising revenue from premium brands, as it would alleviate worries about inappropriate content on the platform.

The newspaper also reported TikTok was looking for ways to generate revenue from the app in the US and Europe, and was focused on recruiting experts from rival social media companies.

In April 2019 India’s government called for a ban on fresh downloads of TikTok due to allegations it encouraged pornography. The app again came under fire in the country in July, when officials requested information on how it stores user data, ensures their safety and prevents obscene content appearing.

Data from analytics company Sensor Tower showed India accounted for a quarter of TikTok’s 1 billion downloads in February 2019: the research house later released figures showing 88.6 million of the app’s total 188 million installations in Q1 2019 were by Indian users.

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