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  • Ruth Raima Servida

Tiktok Continues to Share Helpful Insights in Maximizing Presence on the Platform for SMBs

The second part of Tiktok’s “Behind the Business” series has been released, providing tips and other insights for small businesses or SMBs on utilizing the application more, that will help them with their digital marketing approach. On the series’ first part, Tiktok tackled videos tips and even highlighted techniques in making one clip stand out. While the new part of the series has dived more into marketing in Tiktok, increasing one’s audience connection and boosting their market presence at the same time. First Video: Is Tiktok fit for your business? Second Video: Best Posting Practices and Community Building Tips These clips are worth watching especially for those who want to start their own small business, or is already an entrepreneur and would want to venture on Tiktok as their platform., and these only lasts for a minute and a half or so. It is not new for small businesses to have a skyrocketed sales after a hundred thousand views Tiktok clip, while these could be fairly broad tips, some are still good to be taken as a note, adding the fact that these came from small business owners themselves, it won’t hurt to try, right? Tiktok, still on top of the app store charts has the prediction of having a billion active users at some time this year is another factor why small business owners should consider this platform for their brand.

You can watch the Tiktok’s “Behind the Business” series here:

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