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TikTok best practices and benchmarks for brands

While TikTok has been getting a heap of attention from consumers, it's still largely new ground for brands, and amid the various concerns around the platform's moderation policies and data privacy regulations, many are still unsure as to whether to take the leap and try to connect with audiences through the platform's short video clips.

And even then, how do you do it? The other issue with the platform being so new is that there are few best practices established, particularly in this case because TikTok's algorithm and distribution processes are different to other platforms.

That's where this report comes in. To help provide more context as to how brands can best use TikTok, the team from Conviva have put together a 34 page eBook which outlines key best practices, provides an overview of TikTok analytics, and lists industry-specific benchmarks for performance to help provide some perspective.

You can download Conviva's full TikTok Benchmarks & Strategy Guide here (with sign-up), but here's a look at some of the key highlights.

First off, as noted, the report provides an overview of TikTok basics and how to create your TikTok clips.

The Conviva team have also outlined a range of key TikTok strategy tips, based on their experiences working with brands on their approaches.

The guide also covers the various analytics tools and options at your disposal to maximize your use of the app, and improve the performance of your videos.

But the real gold here may well be the benchmark data.

As you can see here, the focus is largely on sports, but the data provides some perspective as to what sort of activity levels that these professional accounts are committing to the app, and the relative engagement and account growth they're seeing as a result.

Those are some big numbers in terms of uploads in the last 30 days (far right column). Indeed, professional sports accounts, in particular, are generating real traction on TikTok - but other media players are also growing their audiences on the platform too.

Interesting to note, too, the fairly close correlation between activity levels and audience growth. TMZ is a bit of an outlier in this list, but for most of the others, the more videos they've posted, the more followers they've gained. Which makes sense, but that's not always the trend we see with bigger brand names on other social platforms.

There's a heap more data in Conviva's full report, and a heap more insight to help improve your TikTok efforts. It won't be a platform for every business, but the numbers here show that there is significant potential for reach and engagement - if you can get it right.

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