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  • Ruth Raima Servida

TikTok Advices Brands, "Make TikToks not Ads"

A year after TikTok has challenged marketers and entrepreneurs with their bold statement, the platform shares more of their insight to what they really mean by "make TikToks".

TikTok's mantra for business aims to encourage brands to hop in the creativity revolving around their community. Known for its name #TiktokMadeMeBuyIt, this phenomenon has led other brands to great success no one has ever imagined.

"...what happens on TikTok is completely unique. Every day, people participate in campaigns, build alongside them, and even create their own TikToks for brands and products they love. We frequently hear people say, 'I didn't even realize that was an ad!' and that's the goal on TikTok. The work is so good, it fits right in and it's celebrated... just like a TikTok." said Katie Puris, Head of TikTok's Global Business Marketing

People usually skip ads nowadays, and have stayed the way it is even though internet platforms are continuing to evolve, leaving interactions out of talk. Being unique, "the TikTok's format" lets brands, big or small, create more engaging contents that younger audience or their target markets enjoy more. Who would even skip an entertaining video, right?

TikTok made a simple list of "how to make TikToks instead of ads":

Embrace Opportunities

Finding the best way a brand can connect to its audience, from duets, snitches to reactions and comments, anyone can have endless opportunities to interact with their target market. Aside from building their stories and the growth of one's community, brands can also contribute to the creation of viral trends.

By maximizing these different possibilities, one can surely say that creating content is much better than just shooting ads and make it play everywhere repetitively.

Be Real and not Polished

Real and genuine contents that feel like it is part of the community will likely start conversation with the audience and catch more interest than those seemingly too polished ad content. The latter will be surely skipped by many.

Make TikToks the TikTok Way

Anyone can distinguish whether a clip is from an ad or from TikTok since that platform's way of starting trends differ from other platforms. Doing one's video in this format will have better success. Never worry about the cost of editing your TikToks, as the platform offers numerous features that will help any brand to create any content they like without spending money at all.

Join Just as You Are

Brands need to focus on how they would want to present themselves, how they would like to be seen or viewed by their audience. Keeping one's feet on the ground, maintaining a straight perspective, these tips wouldn't backfire to anyone. People tend to adore and appreciate honesty over scripted smiles.

Even though TikTok is already a popular hub for big and small businesses now, their care and sincerity to these brands are evident, giving tips to reduce cost and save money to earn more, no one can find something like this elsewhere!

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