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TikTok adds new analytics tools in Creator Marketplace app

If you're using TikTok for marketing, then this will be welcome news.

This week, TikTok is rolling out some new analytics tools in its Creator Marketplace app, including real-time insights into influencer campaign views, engagement rates, engaged audience demographics and more.

Creator Marketplace is TikTok's native influencer marketing solution, enabling brands to locate relevant TikTok users for partnerships based on focus topics, location and reach.

But not everyone has access to Creator Marketplace as yet. TikTok says that it is currently using an "exclusively invitation-based experience system" for the tool, so you may not be able to use it. Brands can apply via the main website, or contact TikTok for a prioritized invitation via the Help Center.

If/when you do have access, you can use the Creator Marketplace to hone in on the right influencers for your campaigns, with a profile for each listed creator including key performance metrics, examples of their TikTok content and more.

And now, you can also utilize some new analytics options. According to Mavrck strategist Lindsey Gamble, TikTok contacted Creator Marketplace users late last week informing them of the new tools.

“With a new decade underway, what better time to take your TikTok campaign measurement into the future! We are proud to announce an important feature in TikTok Creator Marketplace that will allow you to access robust sporting and insights on your TikTok sponsored content.”

As noted, the new campaign analytics include data on:


Engagements (likes, comments, shares)

Engagement Rate

Audience Breakdown (by top markets, gender, age range, device)

The new data points will make it easier to measure the response rates for your TikTok campaigns, giving you a more specific understanding of how your target audiences are responding, and what you need to optimize to improve performance.

It's a good idea for TikTok to control this data themselves, as opposed to allowing third-party analytics tools come in and take the lead. This way, TikTok can keep users locked into their platform, using their data - which, given it's coming direct from the platform, should be more accurate, and should help drive better results.

Of course, concerns remain over how TikTok collects and utilizes user data, but if you are looking to use the platform for your campaigns, this could be a hugely helpful tool.

The new Creator Marketplace analytics options are being rolled out this week.

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