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  • Meerelle Cruz

TikTok Adds Brand Lift Study Option to Help Advertisers Glean More Insight into Campaign Performance

TikTok has added a new Brand Lift Study option, which will allow businesses to poll the TikTok audience through promoted campaigns, in order to gain additional insight into the performance of their brand and marketing activities. They claim that they've seen the collective power of their community time and time again, from generating top hits to spawning viral trends to raising demand for popular products. The TikTok Brand Lift Study takes a new technique to assessing and optimizing brand resonance. TikTok Brand Lift Study is an immersive, in-feed polling experience, complete with the music and motion images that TikTok viewers have come to expect.

Similar features are available on Twitter and Facebook, allowing you to have a better understanding of the impact of your marketing and promotional efforts, as well as how they relate to recall, favorability, engagement, and other factors. Advertisers will invite users to answer one of four questions "in a way that feels natural and genuine - in-feed on their For You page," according to TikTok.

In addition, TikTok has announced that Kantar will be its third-party verification measuring partner for its Brand Lift Studies, providing an additional layer of data assurance. As TikTok grows, giving advertisers with options to fully understand the value of their TikTok ad campaigns is critical to our transparency objective.

Brand Lift studies are a great way to determine the true impact of your marketing efforts, which could be especially useful on TikTok because it can be difficult to know how well your efforts are going, especially when trying out new creative or trying to align your approaches with key trends and engagement behaviors.

It might be tough to determine whether your brand is being complimented or criticized as you try to keep up with the latest trend, but Brand Lift reports will provide you with more information, allowing you to tweak and strengthen your strategy. And as TikTok continues to develop and lead the app download charts, it will undoubtedly become more of a factor for even more businesses. If you want to acquire a better grasp of your opportunities and make the most of your strategy, Brand Lift reports can help.

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