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Three ways to effective content

Author: Esmé Bouhali

The main struggle of every company: how do I decide which content fits my strategy the best? Do you go for a whitepaper, a funny post or an instruction video. This article will bring you three steps closer to highly effective content!

Step 1: Know the different types of content

First type of content we’ll discuss is: informative content. This content provides the user of information about the brand and the product of the company. The second content type is: instructive content. Instruction content is mostly part of informative content. These are step-to-step descriptions for and about the product. Third and last is entertaining content. This type of content doesn’t give the consumer information but responds to the emotion of the consumer.

The next consideration is whether you’ll communicate through text, pictures of video. You can present you content is different forms and ways, so it’s important that you take a wise and thoughtful decision.

Step 2: What is your goal?

The next step is to decide your goals and the audience you want to reach. Your goals can be formed by the 3H-pyramid as seen in the illustration.

Let’s give you some more information about this theory. First up: Hero. Hero content gives you the opportunity to generate many attention in a very short period of time. Therefore the content needs to be outstanding and appealing. The audience not only need to find the content good, they also need to spread the message. This will bring the attention of a wide audience to your brand.

The second one on the pyramid is Hub. This type makes sure your content will be presented to your audience very often. By spreading your content on a regular basis and by being and staying relevant, your audience gets to know you better. They will create expectations to your brand, which you need to keep up to.

Third and last: Hygiene. This is the foundation of your content marketing strategy. This content base includes the needed information about your brand, products and services. This type of content responds to the needs of the consumer. This increases your value for the customer.

Step 3: Targeting the right Audience

When you know which goal fits your company best it’s time to decide what content fits this goal best. This takes a lot of information about your audience. If you don’t have this information about your audience, you might want to do a target audience research.

That’s where our Social Marketeers come in handy! We are specialised in targeting the right audience for your product.

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