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  • Isabel Encinares

The U.S. Has Lots of Time for TikTok

Due to the pandemic, people were forced to stay at home and had plenty of free time. Most of that free time was spent on their phones, be it social media, games, or movies.

According to CleverTap, 2020 was the year wherein the time spent on mobile apps increased across each and every generation. Based on their data, Gen Z increased their usage by 16%, Millennials by 18%, and the Baby Boomers and Gen X users increased their usage by a crazy 30%.

Now, you might be puzzled and not at all be able to comprehend where all that extra time was going. Well, CleverTap has released a blog post which details the top apps and trends of mobile use from 2020. As is to be expected, Zoom and Google Meet saw incredible increases in downloads and usage. Moreover, it should not be surprising that TikTok was the most downloaded social media app globally.

TikTok’s popularity skyrocketed right after the U.S. went into lockdown and people were told to stay home. When the amount of free time everyone had increased, that is exactly when the massive increase in users and downloads began.

  • As of April 2020, TikTok had been downloaded more than two billion times on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

  • TikTok had an estimated 65.9 million monthly active users in the US in 2020.

  • TikTok will have 37.3 million Gen Z monthly users by the end of 2021 compared to 33.3 million on Instagram.

Because of its overwhelming popularity, TikTok is a great place to advertise and market, even more so if your brand’s target audience includes Gen Z and is U.S. based.

As can be seen below, the U.S. has the most TikTok users all around the world.

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