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  • Isabel Encinares

The New Speed Up Voice Message Playback on WhatsApp

On days when people feel that typing a few words on their phones is taxing, people often opt to use voice messaging to replace it. If you know a person who loves to communicate through long voice messages, you're in luck. WhatsApp has recently released a new feature that allows users to control the playback speed of voice messages. The new feature is a pretty straightforward process. Whenever a user receives a voice message, they are now able to play at 1x speed, 1.5x speed, or even 2x speed. However, many people have also noted that Telegram, another alternative messaging app, has been equipped with this feature since 2018. Speaking of alternative messaging apps, Telegram and Signal, two other messaging apps, have both been gaining an increased amount of traffic due to a controversial update in WhatsApp’s privacy policy. WhatsApp’s privacy policy now states that some information from user-conducted business transactions on WhatsApp may be shared with parent-company Facebook. WhatsApp has stated otherwise, a wide number of users have misinterpreted this update and believe that Facebook will be able to access personal WhatsApp messages. Because of this, many users have begun to switch platforms and Telegram users are keen to point out that WhatsApp’s new features have been available on Telegram for years. Anyways, WhatsApp’s new feature is a great option for speed listeners who don't have the patience to spend ages listening to a single voice message.

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