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  • Isabel Encinares

The New Live Twitter Spaces Search Feature

In order to expand the reach of Spaces and make the new audio feature easier to share, Twitter has just released a new update allowing users to directly tweet from a Live Space on Android and iOS devices. This update was rolled out just today and was also announced via a post on the platform. Twitter Spaces is Twitter’s live audio chat feature, which was designed to compete with Clubhouse. Twitter Spaces can be used by anyone with over 600 followers or users.

The new update not only makes it easier to share Spaces, but also comes with new features to the iOS app. These new features include ‘guest management’ controls and search features for Spaces. However, the new search features for Spaces are currently only available to a few beta users. Moreover, the new update also addresses and fixes a few bugs, allowing Twitter Spaces to become even more reliable and easy to use.

If you are a Twitter Spaces user who simply loves to use the mobile version of the platform, then the new update is sure to tickle your fancy. The new update will allow mobile users to directly tweet from the Spaces page. A new composer will automatically link audio from the Spaces room to a tweet, along with its corresponding hashtags.

Twitter has also stated that the handle of the host of the particular shared Space will soon be automatically added to tweets. Moreover, the iOS app for Twitter will be getting various other new updates and features related to spaces. The new updates will allow Beta iOS users to search for live or upcoming Spaces through either title, host name, or host handle.

In another announcement, Twitter has confirmed that all live and upcoming Spaces are now searchable. However, the company has yet to announce when these new search features will be made available to Android and Desktop users. Moreover, another new feature available to iOS users is the new and improved ‘guest management’ controls, which will now be placed at the top of the guest management page. This update will allow Spaces hots to easily access the bar and manage guests.

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