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The evolving financial world of Social Advertising

by Rogier Visser - CEO/Founder Roundabout social

Early 2018 we learned that that the global number on social media adspend over 2017 ended on an incredible 49 billion dollar.

39 of those 49 billion dollar were spend with giant Facebook ( incl Instagram)

It took long for the numbers of 2018 to become a bit clear , I couldn't wait anymore. So getting all the Financial reports of the socials together, calculating the revenue from the social ads part, adding it up, checking got clear. GROWTH in 2018

Adding up the available numbers makes a calculation into 70+ billion dollar over 2018.

The players ; Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Linkedin , Twitter and APAC giant Wechat

Let's take a step back and look back into this "new" world and the amazing growth numbers

The journey starts in 2008 with FB running their first big numbers on advertising. 150 million

A little step into some years leads to 2011

FB - 1 billion mark

Twitter - 100 million

500% growth for FB in 2012 to 5 billion. It's getting serious

Twitter reaches same growth numbers in 2013. 500% to 500 million

In 2014 Facebook reaches the 10 billion milestone. Twitter reaches the 1 billion mark

In 2015 more players join the field.

FB & insta - 17 billion

Snap - 50 million

Pinterest - 100 million

Twitter - 2.2 billion

In 2016 primarely FB & Insta reaches new highs with 25 billion dollar in revenue.

Twitter slows down and reaches 2,6 billion

Snapchat - 400 million

Pinterest - 300 million

A jump back to 2017

FB & Insta 39 billion

Twitter back to 2.4 billion

Snapchat - 830 million

Pinterest - 473 million

Then a jump into last year.

Facebook & Insta reach an estonishing 55 billion dollar

Twitter back in growth numbers into 3,5 billion

Snapchat into 2 billion

Pinterest into 2 billion

Linkedin grew from 180 million 2 billion ( solely based on ad revenue and not the recruiting & business solution)

Wechat - a clear 8 billion in ad revenue

Reaching a global number of at least 70 billion.

I predicted a 120 billion dollar in 2022.

But........we are gonna hit that number at least a year prior to my prediction

Incredible numbers with roughly 12-14% of companies using social media advertising.

We are so happy to be a major player in this incredible playing field.

A world where every day something new comes along, changes to ad opportunities and technology.

Can't wait to see where this is heading!

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