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The Biggest YouTube Channels

If you're new to YouTube, the sheer volume of content can be daunting, and choosing what to watch initially might be difficult. However, looking at the membership counts for the streaming site's channels can help you narrow down your choices. On some channels with millions of subscribers, high-quality content and entertaining videos can be discovered.

Just wondering about the material on the popular streaming site's popular streaming site? With our list of the top ten most-subscribed channels on YouTube, we can help quell your curiosity. We'll also go over what to expect in terms of the types of programming on each channel.

Here are the top 10 most-subscribed YouTube channels to date, ranging from YouTube's own themed channels to pro wrestling, children's programming, and more.

YouTube channel Number of subscribers

Sports75 million WWE78.6 million

Kids Diana Show 80.2 million

Gaming 89.5 million

SET India 107 million

PewDiePie 110 million

Cocomelon — Nursery Rhymes114 million

Music 115 million

YouTube Movies 138 million

T-Series 186 million

Like a few other channels on this list, the Sports channel on YouTube just collects video from other YouTube channels with a similar focus. The Sports channel, in this example, pulls sports-related footage ranging from news to highlights to live sporting events. On December 15, 2013, this channel was launched.

9. WWE (78.6 million subscribers)

WWE is currently the ninth most-subscribed YouTube channel, with over 78 million subscribers, despite previously falling out of our top ten list of the most popular YouTube channels. WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment, and it's essentially an entertainment corporation that features, you guessed it, professional wrestling.

Clips and videos of full matches from WWE's most popular shows, including Raw and SmackDown, may be found on this channel.

8. Kids Diana Show (80.2 million subscribers)

The Kids Diana Show is a children's show hosted by a young girl named Diana. Unboxing toys, vlogs, music, playing with her brother, Roma, and numerous educational topics are all common themes in Diana's videos. Since its inception on May 12, 2015, the channel has received over 58 billion views.

7. Gaming (89.5 million subscribers)

The Gaming channel, which was launched on December 15, 2013, appears to be yet another YouTube auto-generated channel. The Gaming channel, in this case, curates and aggregates gaming-related video from other YouTube channels. Live games and other popular gaming videos are examples of this type of material. This channel, like the Sports channel, was launched on December 15, 2013, according to Social Blade.

6. SET India (107 million subscribers)

Sony Entertainment Television India, a 24-hour Hindi-only channel with 107 million members, has moved up to No. 6. SET India began as a television station in 1995 and expanded into the YouTube domain in 2005.

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry were among the first musicians to be featured on this channel. It now includes a library of tens of thousands of videos, including comedy specials such as The Kapil Sharma Show and police documentaries such as Crime Patrol.

5. PewDiePie (110 million subscribers)

PewDiePie is currently the fifth most-subscribed YouTube channel, with 110 million subscribers, after a long reign at the top. His content has been described as stupid, annoying, and profane by viewers. He may also be regarded as a problematic figure. The PewDiePie YouTube channel, founded in 2010 by Swedish comedian Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, is best known for its Let's Play videos and blogs, as well as Kjellberg's following.

PewDiePie hit 1 million followers barely two years after launching his YouTube channel after dropping out of college to focus on content development. Kjellberg's popularity on the social media platform has boosted sales of independent video games, particularly Goat Simulator and McPixel.

Throughout much of 2018, he had a battle with T-Series, the now-most-subscribed-to channel. They took the top spot from one another several times, but Kjellberg eventually caved in and has now fallen far enough behind to require something extraordinary to reclaim the top spot. Despite this, his subscription base continues to grow. In June, they remained at 110 million subscribers.

4. Cocomelon — Nursery Rhymes (114 million subscribers)

Cocomelon — Nursery Rhymes, formerly known as ABCkidTV, is one of YouTube's most popular channels that is dedicated nearly entirely to children's nursery rhymes and original songs animated in 3D. It released its debut video in September 2006, and while its popularity grew steadily over the years, it peaked in 2017. That's when it started gaining over 100,000 new customers per month.

3. Music (115 million subscribers)

This another YouTube auto-generated channel, where you canl discover music videos and song playlists, collects content from other channels around a common theme and was established on September 24, 2013.

2. YouTube Movies (138 million subscribers)

This is more of a hub for YouTube's movie rental/purchase service than an aggregator of YouTube video. You may rent or buy a variety of movies on this page, or you can view movies with advertising for free. This channel was founded on June 10, 2015, according to Social Blade.

1. T-Series (186 million subscribers)

Finally, T-Series has surpassed the former long-time YouTube king. It's a well-known Indian music channel with 186 million subscribers and over 157 billion views since its inception. T-Series is best recognized for providing soundtracks for Bollywood films. It is India's and Hindi-language YouTube channel with the most subscribers. It is also the first channel to surpass the milestone of 100 million subscribers.

Despite the fact that the T-Series channel was created in 2006 (and YouTube in 2005), the T-Series firm, which runs the channel, was founded in the 1980s. The film soundtrack album Aashiqui gave the company its big break in 1990. In India, the soundtrack has sold over 20 million copies, making it the best-selling Bollywood album of all time.

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