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Telegram vs WhatsApp: The Facebook-owned Company is Outclassed in These Areas

Telegram vs WhatsApp: According to analytics firm Sensor Tower, Telegram recently passed the one billion download milestone internationally, but the service isn't resting on its laurels. The app has always been the first to launch several important features that were eventually adopted by competitors after receiving positive feedback from users. Telegram, on the other hand, still contains functionality that WhatsApp and Signal don't have. Here are some of Telegram's most useful features that you won't find on WhatsApp - at least not yet.

True multi-device compatibility

Telegram is a cloud-based messaging service, so users can log in from as many devices as they like, and their messages will sync across all platforms, including Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, and Linux. While WhatsApp is working to add support for using the app on multiple devices, it is currently limited to one device and four other computers (or browsers), whereas Telegram allows users to send and receive messages on multiple tablets and smartphones at the same time — something that will take some time for WhatsApp to implement.

Messages that are sent regularly

There are times when staying up is not an option and you need to deliver a message at a specific hour. Scheduled messages can be extremely useful on these occasions. To schedule a message, users can enter their message and then long-press the send button on Telegram. This can be useful when you're using the app to wish a pal a happy birthday at exactly midnight or to notify the family that you're on your way home. WhatsApp does not offer such a function, and the company aggressively discourages users from using third-party apps and mods to duplicate it.

Feature of Real-time Audio

Clubhouse, a social audio app, made waves last year when it released a popular voice-based software that allows several users to listen in on a group of people conversing. Similar functions were quickly implemented by Facebook, Instagram, Discord, Spotify, and Telegram. Voice Messages are a feature of Telegram that allows users to discuss chats as part of a group or channel, which is not available on WhatsApp. As part of these talks, users can also share videos and record them for later use. It's unclear whether WhatsApp will include such a feature in the future.

Sharing of Files

Unlike WhatsApp, which has stringent limits on the size of data that may be transmitted to other users, Telegram allows users to send extremely huge files to one another. Instead of a 50 MB video limit, Telegram users can transfer up to 2GB files, which helps share a huge, high-resolution video, such as footage captured with your phone's 4K camera. This is particularly useful for sharing huge files that cannot be transmitted via WhatsApp or email, and users may utilize the multi-platform apps to send files (to themselves) from their PC to their phone and vice versa. — New Delhi's Hindustan Times/Tribune News Service

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