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  • Meerelle Cruz

Telegram Adds New Features, Including Message Reactions and Themed QR Codes

Telegram, a WhatsApp competitor, has received a new version that includes features such as message replies, themed QR codes, larger emoji animations, and more. The app will get its 12th update of the year, which will bring it to version 8.4.

Telegram's app now includes message reactions. They can now quickly respond to a message by double-tapping it. They can tap on the message and then hold on to a message bubble for more reactions. Each reply has its distinct animation. The emoji for this rapid reaction can be changed in the app's Settings > Stickers & Emoji > Quick Reaction section. "Spoiler Alert" messages will also be supported in the app. Until the user activates the feature, chosen areas of text will be blurred. When entering a message, users can choose which text they want to hide. To do so, go to the black popover menu and select B/I/U, then Spoiler.

Telegram is receiving message translation support in the app. To turn on translation, go to the app's Settings, then pick the Language and Translate option from the context menu when choosing a message. Users can also choose to exclude any languages in which they are fluent. For those texts, the translate button will be hidden.

On Android smartphones that support Telegram, translation is possible, while on Apple devices, iOS 15+ is required.

Users of Telegram will now be able to create QR codes. Users with a public username will be able to use the feature. This applies to groups, channels, and bots as well. New interactive emoticons that can be shared in individual chats have also been added to the app. Telegram has also revamped all of the macOS context menus. New shortcut indications have been added, as well as dynamic symbols for each menu item in the program.

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