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Take your influencer marketing to the next level

Influencer marketing has been the next new thing for a while now. It seems to work pretty well for businesses on Instagram too. Influencer marketing can’t exist without the use of content and social marketing. From micro -to macro influencers, these influencers are innovating marketing these days.

Unlike celebrities, influencers can be anyone and anywhere. The online personalities are very approachable and identifiable. This is why they mostly have a very loyal follower base. This also means that they need to be aware of their reputation when it comes to posting things online. And also which brand they work with for Instagram campaigns.

Big brands work with lots of influencers these days to reach their own or a new audience for their products. Normally the content of the influencers would only reach their audience. A new development brings new options for brand in influencer marketing. Brands will now be able to promote branded content ads as their own content.

Fake followers and fake likes are still a serious issue on Instagram, which they are continuing to try to crackdown. This will make the metrics form Instagram more authentic and true. With these third party apps it will be easier for brands to negotiate with influencers about their marketing spend.

Nowadays, influencer marketing is becoming a very big source of Instagram content, which is very convenient for brands who are looking for a new or broader audience. This new development within Instagram creates new possibilities for influencer marketing.

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