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  • Meerelle Cruz

Survey Reveals That UGC Can Drive Improved Trust and Loyalty for eCommerce Brands

Many firms have been scrambling to figure out the best ways to capture consumers' interest and turn browsers into buyers on their eCommerce sites since the outbreak of the epidemic. Has the influence of 2020 changed how people explore, shop, and interact with the rest of the world indefinitely? And what impact would these alterations in consumer behavior have in the approaching holiday season and beyond?

Stackla's latest data analysis sheds light on these issues and demonstrates that not only are online shopping trends here to stay but that today's consumers also expect brands to provide them with more real and personalized shopping experiences.

A poll of over 2,000 customers indicated that 83% of respondents believed merchants needed to deliver more real shopping experiences, and 70% said brands needed to provide them with individualized experiences.

The following are some of the most important findings:

Using user-generated content (UGC) gives customers the authenticity and customization they desire

Despite the cash brands devote to professional photography and influencer marketing these days, just 19% of customers find that brand-created content is authentic, and only 10% say that influencer material resonates as authentic with them. Nearly 80% of respondents said that user-generated content (UGC) resonates as most authentic, making it 8.7x more effective than influencer material and 6.6x more influential in consumers' eyes than branded content.

The global pandemic, on the other hand, has only served to increase the power of user-generated content, say, internet shoppers. 56% of customers believe they're more affected by social media photos and videos now than they were before the outbreak when they shop online. People can't physically see, touch, or try on the products they're considering when they shop online. They're curious about how a jacket fits on someone with a similar body type, what color lipstick looks like on someone with their skin tone, or how much space a couch takes up in a living room with similar dimensions. UGC provides individuals with an unbiased, third-party perspective on these hitherto unexplored aspects, making things feel more real and meaningful to them.

When polled, 72% of customers stated they wanted to see real customer images and videos on eCommerce sites. Additionally, 80% of respondents stated they were more likely to purchase from an online store if the store's website had photographs and videos of actual consumers using the product.

How significant is user-generated content (UGC) to today's internet buyers?

The importance of customer images and reviews was demonstrated by the fact that 64% of Gen Z and 60% of Millennials reported that they had left an eCommerce business without purchasing because the site did not offer them. According to consumers, UGC can make or break a business, especially as the holiday shopping season approaches.

Consumers want to be a part of the process of building the brands they enjoy

User-generated content (UGC) is plentiful enough to support various marketing activities while also providing brands with the evergreen content they require. Additionally, using customer content to promote to others serves as a wonderful technique for building customer loyalty. Today's customers are not only prepared to allow brands to use their images in exchange for being included in their marketing efforts, but they also want to become content creators for the brands they love.

Consumers think they would be more loyal to a company that invited them to join an advocacy network to actively help the business create more user-generated content (UGC), with over 60% saying they would do so.

Simply said, customers will reward companies that prioritize user-generated content (UGC) in their online offerings. As a result, organizations that want to stay ahead of the competition must begin proactively utilizing UGC to provide the authentic commerce experiences that today's customers crave. Sales and trust may both be boosted, and customers can build deeper connections with those who accomplish this.

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