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Social media trends vs Digital2020 report

!new update Oct 22nd about Snap, see Snap subject in the blog

Always a great moment when our dear friend Simon Kemp with his amazing team brings us the highlights of the digital industry in his Digital 2020 reports.

Great content shaped in an amazing overview.

How does this report translate into the specific area of Social Media Let's take a closer look

In total there are 4,14 billion active social media users as we speak.

This is a growth number of 12,3% (yoy) translating into 453 million new users.

According to Statista The average ad spending per internet user in the Social Media Advertising segment is projected to amount to US$21.98 in 2020.

453 million new users translate into 9 billion dollar of additional ad spend in the next year.

One of the interesting facts from the report is that we use our laptop/pc more than before ( +5,9%) and we spend 3% less time on our mobile device.

Not very hard to figure out why this number changed in this year #covid_19

A new section in the report is about B2B and working from home. A few takeaways from this section

36,6% of internet users find new brands or suppliers in the BtoB space through social media.

It's extremely important for brands to be professionally present on social. Your next customer might search for you. be ready🙃

The largest influence in working with a new brand or supplier comes from "experts in your own network" advising on this brand or product, and the second best recommendation comes from user reviews.

Interesting fact is that most research is done through Youtube and Facebook.


We spend almost 2h29m on our social channels every day and we have over 8.1 different social media accounts.

85% of TikTok users are also active on Facebook, which surprises me, I would have thought a larger overlap between TikTok and Snapchat which is only 48%


Facebook's social advertising reach climbed with 2.2%.

Most new users come from India with over 20 million new FB users.

On average we click on 12 ads shown in our timeline.

Female click 50% more on ads than men.

Women in the age of 45-54yr click on ads the most, while Men in the age group 35-44 click on ads.

Is your target area Israel, you are lucky. Instead of the average of 12 clicks on ads, they click on ads 26 times on average.


Instagram grew it's ad audience with 7,1% with 76 million people.

On Instagram we see the highest growth come from India.

But unexpected is the home market growth. With over 10 million new users in the USA.

The average Instagram users posts a post a day, mainly pictures , 59% of the total


Linkedin grew to over 727 million people on the network.

A growth rate of 3,5% with 25 million new users. Growth is slowing down it seems.

The largest growth in users is coming from China with over 10 million new members making up 40% of total user growth


Snapchat is growing with 9,1% growth, 36 million new users into 433 million people.

Growth numbers come from the apac continent.

India 47%

Indonesia 35%

Philippines 19%

Oct 21nd a new update came from Snap I would like to be part of this blog:

The social messaging and media app company on Tuesday posted all-time quarterly record revenue of $679 million, up a whopping 52% year-over-Snapchat daily active users increased by 18% year over year, with the addition of 11 million users in Q3. An average of 249 million people used Snapchat daily in the period


In this election year Twitter is growing with 8,4%, 27 million new users into 353 million in total

Growth comes from, again unexpected, Germany with 30% growth


Pinterest growth was amazing in the first quarter, however it slowed down with 5,8% growth, 10 million new users into 189 million in total.

Growth comes from the Eastern-Europe area

Czechia 43%

Italy 26%

Hungary 18%

And last but not least


Growing into a total of 689 million active users.

32 million new users in September only, still the fastest growing social network.

However slowing down from the 100 million in December 2019.

Most liked TikTok video just to give you an insight in how big TikTok is now

242 million views

25,2 million likes



42.1 million followers

and 1.1 billion likes in total

And then....

When we look at a broader perspective in e-commerce some things stand out...

74% of internet users bought a product online in the last 30 days.

This will be hopeful for all e-tailers getting ready for the holiday season 🎅🏻

A look at the social advertising playing field

27% of people discover new brands and products through social media ads.

This is a nr4 position , for example 33,7% discovers the products through their search engine ads.

Social networks are the nr2 discovery channel for brand or product research

9.9% more people click on social media ads compared to the previous quarter, the highest growth number so far.

However, Adspend on social is down with almost 30% in the last 2 quarters.

The same decline is seen on search ads.

Social media usage, users , click rates and above all effectiveness from social advertising are on the rise for quite some time now. Budgets becoming larger, more ads and above all more conversions.

A great way forward for our part of the digital industry. A part that will hit 100billion dollar in adspend by the end of the year. Not so little anymore.

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