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Snapchat Will Let You Change Your Username

With an update arriving globally tomorrow, Snapchat will let users change their usernames, the company has announced.

This means you don't need to create a new account, just leave the name you originally used.

The new feature will be available for both iOS and Android and launches February 23.

To change your username, go to the profile screen by tapping the Bitmoji icon in the top right corner of the camera. Next, tap the gear icon, then "Username" and select "Change Username."

Changing a username will not affect your contacts, Snap code, Snap Score or reminders.

It is important to know that a username can only be changed once a year and you cannot choose a handle that has been used in the past, even by yourself.

So you cannot secure a username that is already registered and inactive.

Also, it seems that your old username is gone forever after it is changed.

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