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Snapchat will let brands have their own profiles

Snapchat brand profiles will let some brands have their own profiles as part of a beta test, before offering it to all brands later this year.

Snapchat is growing up.

For the first time ever, brands will be able to have their own profiles on Snapchat. While the feature is being introduced as a beta start for select brands only at the moment, Snapchat confirmed it aims to let all businesses access branded profiles by the end of the year.

Snapchat brand profiles will work as landing pages for select brand video content, branded AR lenses as well as a virtual in-app storefront for those brands that work with Shopify.

“We’re building toward a future where the Snapchat community can engage with businesses of all sizes across the variety of products on our service,” Carolina Arguelles, Snapchat’s global product marketing manager, said.

Brand profiles look a lot like public profiles which were created last year to let high-profile creators and influencers host original shows on the app. Brand profiles will benefit from the same functions as public profiles, but will also get access to a unique set of web tools to let admins create and manage from outside the mobile app.

Snapchat users can find and subscribe to brand profiles through search, QR codes, and sponsored brand content. Once they subscribe, users will then see updates from this brand in Discover and be able to discover more of the brand’s AR lenses in the Lens Explorer.

Snapchat has confirmed 15 companies that will take part in the beta test. The rest will be announced over the coming weeks:

  • Ben & Jerry’s

  • Candy Crush

  • Dior

  • Gucci

  • Headspace

  • Kylie Cosmetics

  • L’Oréal Paris

  • Louis Vuitton

  • Prada

  • Ralph Lauren

  • Target

  • Tim Hortons

  • Too Faced (by Estee Lauder)

  • Universal Pictures

  • VSCO

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