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  • Meerelle Cruz

Snapchat Shares New Insights into Emerging Consumer Trends, Including AR, Digital Discovery and More

Snapchat has released a new analysis on evolving consumer shopping habits and how modern technologies, such as social connection and augmented reality (AR), are impacting purchasing decisions. The 26-page research, which was produced in collaboration with Foresight Factory, includes responses from 20,000 consumers from 12 different countries, including 2,506 Americans. The report is available in two versions: a worldwide perspective and a US-only edition. There are other important points to consider as well; here's a look at some of the audience insights specific to the United States. To begin, Snapchat examines the rise of eCommerce as well as the significant restrictions that persist with online purchases.

As you can see, a large number of shoppers considered online buying to be constricting, implying that physical shopping will witness a rebound in the aftermath of the pandemic. However, while people are eager to get out of their homes and back into stores in some form, the rise of eCommerce is projected to continue, with customers looking for new ways to expand on their online shopping experiences.

AR and the addition of new technologies that allow consumers to virtually put on apparel and make-up, which can add to the eCommerce process, are two crucial factors for Snapchat on this front. Many people who utilize AR tools have found them to be advantageous to the purchasing process, according to the report.

With the creation of its own AR wearables and the advancement of digital try-on tools that can assist businesses to broaden their eCommerce possibilities, this is a crucial feature that Snapchat is trying to capitalize on. Snapchat wants to take it a step further by introducing digital apparel, which will include collections from well-known companies that users can add to their Bitmoji avatars on the app. Which is likely to become a new eCommerce trend in and of itself.

It's worth noting here that there's a link between digital goods and physical things, with individuals interested in receiving discounts on actual goods as a result of their in-app purchases. Snapchat is exploring ways to make personalized products in-app that may then be purchased in the real world, in addition to providing virtual clothing collections.

According to these data, this could represent a significant growth opportunity for some consumers.

The paper also examines the position that social media apps have taken in the current purchase process, as well as how Snapchat users, in particular, use the app for product discovery and evaluation.

As you can see, a growing number of customers now utilize their mobile devices to supplement their in-store buying experience, and many of them also want to share it with their friends to increase their exposure. Furthermore, Snapchat users are more likely to utilize the app to learn more about products than non-Snapchat users.

These are vital insights into the modern consumer experience - and while many of these findings are likely to come as no surprise, it's worth noting the progressive move toward new forms of product discovery, as well as how people want to interact with branded content in these apps. According to the survey, marketers can try to match these trends by providing enhanced AR connection capabilities and virtual things to better exhibit their products, as well as facilitating brand experiences that can be shared online to increase sharing potential.

As we get past the pandemic, the retailers who can best connect with these developments will have the best opportunity of continuing to prosper.

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