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  • MaryGrace Lerin

Snapchat Releases New Insights Into Valentine's Day User Engagement

Valentine's Day is drawing near, and if you want to get the most out of your tie-in ads this year, don't forget about Snapchat, which sees significant increases in usage around this day.

According to Snap's newest insights report, interaction with Stories and Lenses spikes around Valentine's Day, with the app experiencing a 65 percent boost in US user activity compared to the previous 14-day average last year.

Snap also claims that users are receptive to connected ad pushes in the app, with its augmented reality campaigns being particularly successful:

“In the month of February 2021, Sponsored Lens campaigns in Europe that incorporated Valentine’s Day elements had a 175% higher share rate than campaigns without association. And Snapchatters are still swooning over video ads, as Collection Ad campaigns in the US with Valentine’s Day creative association had a 101% higher swipe-up rate than campaigns without association in 2021.”

Although it may not appeal to your target demographic, an increasing number of individuals are using the app, and there may be options to examine.

More Snap Valentine's Day figures may be found below, and Snapchat has also published several campaign case study samples here.

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