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Snapchat Releases New Information on Marketing Benefits of Immersive Augmented Reality Experience

Snapchat has released new information about the utility of augmented reality (AR) for advertising, emphasizing how deep and engaging AR experiences can be, as well as how Snap's AR technologies, in particular, may improve response.

Snapchat hired market research firm Alter Agents to undertake an AR immersion study, in which heart rate variability was evaluated while viewing various types of social content experiences.

According to Snap:

“When we talk about “immersion,” we’re referring to a neurological state based on a person’s relative level of attention and emotional connection. When people are highly immersed, they are paying attention, emotionally engaged, and actively committing information to memory. To put it differently, they are “in the zone,” and the experience is resonating with them on a fundamental level - to the point it can predict future behavior.”

Snapchat discovered that AR experiences are certainly more immersive, with AR processes on Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram all producing greater immersion scores than the general entertainment mean.

Snap's AR tools, on the other hand, were 1.7 times more immersive than any other app, according to the study.

Now, depending on the approach and process, some of these measures are changeable. Is heart rate variability the most accurate indicator of genuine engagement and mental response, or would eye-tracking and neurological response data be more accurate?

In this regard, I would say that based on the findings, this is one way of implying that Snapchat's AR tools are incredibly immersive, which is something to think about in your process. However, how much significance you place on each analysis and process depends on your perspective.

Furthermore, Snapchat discovered that AR advertising enhanced consumer response across multiple elements.

There are some uncertainties in the process, but it does present some more interesting insights in terms of AR advertising, and with AR glasses coming soon, that will become a greater concern for more businesses in the future.

The full Snapchat AR immersion study can be found here.

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