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Snapchat Releases New Information on How Users Are Preparing for a Return to Pre-COVID Life

We're beginning to see the light at the end of the COVID tunnel, and a return to regular life, including social gatherings, events, people's faces in full view, and so on, with the vaccination roll-out now well underway in many places.

Many people are already thinking about the next stage and what they'll do with the liberties they formerly took for granted. In light of this, Snapchat just commissioned a new study from GroupSolver to learn more about how its users, in particular, are preparing for the next stage. Snapchat users are already beating non-Snapchatters in ‘post-pandemic' activities including eating out, shopping in person, seeing movies and plays, and attending major events, according to the statistics.

This makes sense because Snapchat's user base is still predominantly young, and younger people are at a lesser risk of catastrophic COVID-19 consequences, so they are less concerned about the virus's personal threats. As a result, they would be more receptive to a return than the general public - but the research also points to new chances for marketers to reach out to these segments with promotions and campaigns that are matched with the return to normal activities, when applicable.

Snapchat users are most excited to see their friends and family in person, as well as attend parties and barbecues, among other social engagements.

Which is logical, considering the app's younger demographic - and, in this context, younger people are likely to have missed out the most, with larger social events playing a much larger part in their regular interactions and helping them establish a feeling of identity and belonging.

Travel is also a priority, according to Snapchat:

"Snapchatters (51%), especially those ages 25+ (54%), are outpacing non-Snapchatters in making travel plans."

Marketers may have more options to reach out to Snap users as a result of this.

And, predictably, they intend to continue using Snapchat until things are back to normal.

That's understandable, but it does point to fresh and continuous potential in the app in terms of communicating with these audiences and marketing appropriate items and services.

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