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Snapchat Releases Dynamic Stories for Premium Content

Snapchat releases its new 'Dynamic Stories', a feature that enables the Snapchat community to instantly share premium content, as well as promote news and information from trustworthy sources.

The new Discover format, Dynamic Stories, takes an RSS Feed from a partner to instantly build Stories from material a Publisher is already making on the web and show it on Snapchat.

These Stories, which are accessible in the Discover feed, change in real-time, allowing readers to stay up to current on the latest news as it happens. Whether it's breaking news on the situation in Ukraine from reliable sources or the hottest trend in pop culture and fashion, it has you covered.

Snapchat has made it simple for partners to generate daily content and cut expenses by integrating Snapchat publishing into their existing process. This new format will also help support the ongoing efforts to deliver local content to relevant communities all across the world. The platform is now being tested in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and India.

Rashmi Daryanani, Media Partnerships at Snap India, commented on the release of Dynamic Stories;

“By introducing Dynamic Stories, we are presenting the fastest way of publishing premium content to the Snapchat community. Available in the Discover feed, Dynamic stories will use RSS Feeds to create Stories from the content a Publisher is already creating on the web. These stories will be updated in real-time enabling Snapchatters to keep up with the latest happenings 24/7. Moreover, in India, Dynamic Stories will help us in unlocking content in different languages such as English, Hindi, and Marathi. We are also in the process of onboarding various partners across other languages so that one can simply come onto Snapchat and find news content in their preferred languages”.

The initial list of partners includes:

  • India: GQ India, MissMalini, Pinkvilla, Sportskeeda, The Quint, Times Now, Vogue India

  • US: Axios, Bloomberg, CNN, Complex Networks, Condé Nast (Self, Vogue), ESPN, Insider, New York Post, Page Six, Self, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, TMZ, Vice, Vogue

  • UK: British Vogue, GQ UK, The Independent, The Mirror

  • France: Femme Actuelle, Foot Mercato, Gala, GQ France, Le Figaro, Marie Claire FR, Paris Match, Vogue France

Partners are already witnessing positive outcomes. The Washington Post's reliable, timely coverage of the devastating war in Ukraine reached more than 1.1 million Snapchatters in the first week of the conflict. While in India, MissMalini's content attracted more than 200k unique viewers in the first 30 days of its release.

Snapchat does not provide an unmoderated open newsfeed where unverified people or publications can broadcast inaccurate and misleading material to the general audience. Only verified media outlets and content providers are shown on Discover.

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