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Snapchat Releases a New Halloween Marketing Guide to Aid in Strategic Planning

Halloween is almost upon us, a little less than 80 days away, and even though it isn't deemed one of the major shopping holidays, it does present a wide range of opportunities for marketing tie-ins and relevant campaigns.

And it may be even more meaningful this year, with many areas anticipating the come back of in-person social events and trick-or-treating after COVID hindered regular traditions in 2020.

A new Snapchat Halloween marketing guide, which outlines important usage stats and connections tools, could be useful if you're assessing your marketing potential around the occasion.

To begin with, Snapchat emphasizes the users' high interest of Halloween, with 80 percent of Snapchatters planning to enjoy the holiday.

And it's not just in certain parts of the globe; Snapchatters all over the world are looking to participate in Halloween traditions.

There will be a variety of themed tie-in components within the app, which Snapchat says will assist to actively engage its users.

This increases marketing prospects, and Snap remarks that its AR tools may indeed be useful in this regard.

Snapchat also reveals how its users intend to celebrate the day, with the significant proportion of its audience planning to buy something expressly for the occasion.

Snap also provides information on when users are planning to purchase, which can aid in strategic planning.

Even if you're not intending to use Snapchat specifically, there are several useful indicators about shopping peaks and audience interest that may be useful to consider.

The comprehensive Snapchat Halloween marketing guide can be downloaded here, and Snap has also released region-specific information for key markets

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