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Snapchat published data on purchase intent during back to school period

It's not the usual back to school period, particularly given that most students won't be heading 'back' to anyplace.

Most will just be staying at home, logging into online courses - yet, even so, students still need to buy supplies, and they'll still need their books and home office tools and such, in order to get them back into the educational frame of mind.

And they, will at some stage, you'd think, also be heading back to actual schools, which is clearly a consideration based on this new data from Snapchat.

To provide some insight into what people are looking for ahead of returning to school - and why you should choose Snapchat to reach them - the company has this week published a new set of data points based on various usage trends and audience surveys. The insights may help you better target your back to school promotions, with sensitivity to the current situation.

You can check out Snapchat's full overview here, or take a look at the notes in the infographic below.

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