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Snapchat launches 'Snap Connect' educational insights for marketers

Snapchat has announced an expansion of its Snap Focus marketer education platform, with a new element called 'Snap Connect', which features a range of expert insights as part of more advanced courses on how to use the platform for direct response campaigns.

As you can see in this clip, Snap Connect looks to showcase internal experts on Snap's various direct response tools, providing more in-depth perspective on how to make best use of the various options at your disposal.

As explained by Snapchat:

"For the first time, our very own subject-matter experts bring you inside the world of Snapchat to show you how to take your direct-response advertising to the next level. Each specialized Snap Connect certification offers fresh insights, product solutions, creative best practices, and client success stories - all tailored to your industry and region."

Snap Connect currently offers three streams of certification - 'mobile gaming', 'apps', and 'e-commerce' - with more to follow in future:

The courses cover all aspects of Snapchat's various DR ad offerings, including Dynamic Ads and Snap's evolving shoppable AR experiences. 

The video-based courses offer a range of helpful pointers and notes, above and beyond the original Snap Focus offerings, and they could definitely be of significant value for brands looking to take the next step with their Snap campaigns.

And that is indeed worth considering - last month, Snapchat reported that it's now up to 249 million DAU, up 18% YoY, while Snap also shared that the average number of daily Snaps created has grown 25% year-over-year.

At one stage, shortly after the launch of Instagram Stories, it seemed like Snapchat might get swallowed up by Facebook, but now, the app has established its niche, and it plays an important role in connecting younger audiences in a more intimate and engaging way.

As such, if you're looking to reach younger markets, Snap's ad options are definitely worth considering, and these new courses will help provide more insight into exactly how you can do it.

You can check out the new Snap Connect courses within the Snap Focus platform.  

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