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  • Meerelle Cruz

Snapchat Launches New Holiday Season Guide and Resource Hub to Assist with Campaign Planning

It may seem early to begin planning for the Christmas shopping season, but Snapchat believes it is not, which is why it released its new holiday resource site for marketers this week, providing insight into key trends and behaviors that businesses should consider as part of their preparations.

As Snap points out, the 8-page guide's early release is intended to aid businesses in their planning efforts, with Snap urging marketers to initiate their Christmas ads in October, when consumer interest begins to build. In any case, there are some useful notes and recommendations in this guide, which is offered in two separate editions to provide insights to marketers in different countries.

Key trend analytics, suggestions, and usage notes on Snap chatter engagement leading up to the holidays are also included in the 'Get the Gift of Results' guide, as well as pointers on the company's commercial offerings.

It also contains more detailed information on Snapchat's expanding AR capabilities and features, as well as how they may fit into your strategy.

Snapchat should undoubtedly be on your radar if you're wanting to reach younger audiences, and its increasing ad options enable additional capacity for reach and engagement, which might play a crucial role in maximizing your holiday marketing push.

Another reason to start preparing now is that if you're thinking of launching an AR campaign, for example, you'll likely need some time to put the strategy in place, test the feature, and so on.

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