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  • Meerelle Cruz

Snapchat Launches a New Holiday Trends Guide to Help You Plan Your Strategy

If you haven't implemented your holiday marketing strategy now is the time to act with Christmas less than 90 days away. And Snapchat may well consider broadening its horizons or reaching a new audience, and to aid with this, a new Christmas marketing guide has been published this week, including several user ideas and platform suggestions that help to maximize your approach.

You may download here a full 16-page tour guide from Snapchat, but below you can see some of the major topics.

Snapchat emphasizes first of all the important trends for the season, emphasizing the importance of digital marketing.

The epidemic has driven more people to spend more time on their mobile devices, resulting in increased eCommerce rates. It is expanded to include social trade, with every social network now researching ways of helping marketers display their items on the street to reach users where they work most.

This is aligned with Snap's guidance, beginning with a review of good campaign planning and strategy.

In addition, the guide summarizes your campaigns' recommendations:

In addition to the several ad styles of Snap:

Snapchat even provides an overview of the greatest creative methods to guide your approach:

It provides a basic, quick summary of the major features of Snap advertising and offers an overview of the previously published Snapchat holiday marketing guide. In conjunction, the tour planning features of Snap can help you select what ad formats are ideal and how to utilize them, while usage notes help to maximize your target.

It's even worth seeing, because you might not think about components, or that might contribute to clarify your thinking if you even intend to launch a vacation promotion at Snap.

The most recent Christmas marketing guide for Snapchat can be downloaded here, while Snapchat has also developed a mini-site for holiday marketing.



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