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Snapchat Introduces a New Ticketmaster Map Layer to Assist Users in Locating Events

Designed in collaboration with Ticketmaster, Snapchat is introducing a new Snap Map feature that will show all live events near its users.

The new Ticketmaster Snap Map layer, which can be engaged through the toggle at the upper right of the map screen, will display all of the events that Ticketmaster has listed nearby, as shown here. Users can then browse around, and if they find anything they like, they can share it with their friends on the app or even purchase tickets in real-time.

According to Snap:

“Using the new Snap Map Layer, Snapchatters can browse Ticketmaster’s complete catalog of upcoming events based on what is happening nearby. There, they can see everything from comedy to sports, concerts from today’s big stars or indie shows from latest up and comers. Once they find a show that piques their interest, they can tap in and invite their friends though stickers that plug right into the Snapchat Camera, or even buy tickets then and there through a seamless checkout process.”

The functionality works in conjunction with the Ticketmaster Snap Mini, which allows users to mark events of interest and receive alerts for related future events.

It's a wonderful upgrade, and it's especially appropriate for Snapchat, given that the app's younger users are more prone to be seeking upcoming events and gatherings, something that they can then share with friends and plan fun get-togethers all within the app.

This aligns with Snap's primary use case of keeping pals in touch. Snap is focused on meaningful connections, as opposed to other social applications emphasizing audience expansion and boosting exposure, which aided it in securing its position in the greater social media landscape.

It's a clever utilization of Snap's Map Layers, which debuted last November and could enable a variety of sponsored use cases such as this, allowing Snap users to interact with local events, businesses, etc.

It'll also be intriguing to see what additional elements Snap can incorporate into its Map layers, and how this can help Snap's audience in new and creative ways.

Perhaps this will become a significant commercial and advertising prospect, opening up new paths for brand interaction while also giving Snap more data for its augmented reality heads-up display in its Spectacles glasses’ future iteration.

To better understand its implications, consider viewing a movie theater then browsing for movies and session times, with all this happening in a single look.

The more geo-based signs and indicators Snap can create, the better off it will be in its next phase of development.

The new Ticketmaster Snap Map Layer is currently accessible "in more than 20 countries worldwide."

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