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  • Meerelle Cruz

Snapchat Announces Partnership with Sony Music to Expand the App's Sound Options

Snapchat is expanding its audio options yet again, this time through a new arrangement with Sony Music Entertainment that will allow Snapchatters to include even more music in their Snaps.

As you can see, the new partnership will allow Snapchat users to include even more popular tunes in their messages, giving them more creative freedom and giving artists more opportunities to promote themselves directly on the app.

Snapchat first introduced its music clips feature in October of last year, and it's been progressively extending it since then, most notably with the addition of audio samples from NBC TV episodes and movies as part of a new collaboration with NBCUniversal. Snap is also testing new audio formats and technologies, such as Sound Lenses that have a preselected song embedded in the Lens, as part of this new collaboration.

Cameo Sound Lenses will apply visual effects to make you and a pal the stars of your own animated music video, while The Lens alters images of anyone to appear as if they are singing a song. With music being such an important part of the TikTok experience, it only makes sense for Snap to follow suit and aim to provide more compelling music-related alternatives in order to capitalize on increased usage trends.

Snap has a history of excelling in this area. While Facebook has struggled to create viral, trend-setting AR tools despite having more resources, Snap has consistently been able to gain more attention and attract more users to its app by developing interesting, engaging Lenses and options, all of which have helped to keep Snap as the app of choice for many younger users.

These new Lens kinds will help, and as previously mentioned, adding more music in accordance with broader usage trends is another important method for Snap to stay connected with more consumers.

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