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SMT's 2018 Social Media Spending Survey - Part 1: Key Channels of Focus

As you start planning for 2019, it's worth considering the latest trends and shifts in social media budgets - where businesses are spending their money, where they're seeing the best return and how they plan to approach digital marketing next year.

To help with this, we recently conducted a survey within the Social Media Today community to get some perspective on the latest key trends, and the experiences of our collective community.

The data highlights some interesting trends of note - over the next week, we're going to analyze each element in detail, starting today with the key channels of focus for social media marketers in 2018, and whether those look set to change moving forward.

Part 1: Key Channels of Focus

For this first aspect, we asked our audience "Which social channels are you currently advertising on?"

Here's where most social media marketers are currently focusing their efforts:

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