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Should you use emojis in social media marketing?

Emojis have become a common element in modern communication, with research showing that some 92% of people have used, and/or regularly use, emojis in their messaging.

But should you use emojis in your brand messaging?

Of course, you don't want your business communications to look unprofessional - but then again, if you're not speaking to your audience in the language that they're most comfortable with, maybe you're not utilizing the most effective connection strategy. Maybe, emojis can enhance your audience connection, and improve response.

That's what this report from the team at Media Update suggests. The below infographic outlines a range of reasons why you should consider emojis in your brand messaging, along with some key pointers to steer you clear of potential emoji misuse.

It's obviously not essential that you do incorporate emojis, but the listing provides some good considerations to keep in mind.

Check out the infographic below.

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